On April 18th and 19th MN autosports club is holding a novice autocross school. On Saturday the 18th it's classroom from 9am to 1pm then on Sunday the 19th it's autocross in your own vehicle with an instructor from 8am to 4pm. The cost is $50. There is a 60 person limit on the class.

This club runs local scca autocross. So I would assume scca rules are being applied to this also. I was a spectator at one of there events a couple years ago and it appeared to be very well run.

I am signed up for this class as is another local Abarth. I have never done any autocrossing so I figured this would be a good place to start. It would be nice to see more Abarths there.

Here is a link to the site for anyone that would like more info or to sign up.http://www.mnautox.com