I am selling my '13 Abarth, nicknamed Pazzo. Asking $14,900.

Just over 11K miles, not driven in the winter. Bought March of 2013, so 2 full years/ 39K of warranty left. Is getting a new Maine inspection sticker on Wednesday at Portland Fiat, which is where I bought the car.

Metallic Black on black cloth, no stripes, though I have a couple sets of good quality aftermarket Abarth stripes I will throw in. One set of red, one of black. Never got the "roundtuit" to have them put on.

Has the Auto HVAC\heated seats\Sirius Radio package.

It is in basically as-new condition. A couple touched up stone chips, one tiny acorn dimple in the roof. One middle-aged adult owner, 100% stock other than a retractable front plate mount - flips down and slides under the car. I have the factory front plate mount in the trunk. No holes in the bumper! It has not had any issues, just the 30 day inspection at the dealer and 3 DIY oil changes with M1 0w-40 and the factory filter. Most recent oil change was yesterday.

The car is located in Westbrook, Maine, <10 minutes from the Portland Maine airport (PWM). To sweeten the deal, if you are "from away" as we say in Maine, I will get you a plane ticket to Portland to come and pickup the car. I have a zillion miles on US Airways from work travels. Alternatively, delivery may be possible as well, certainly within New England\NY\NJ area. Absolutely happy to have the car professionally inspected anywhere you like, on your dime of course. I can also send or upload to Flickr any pictures you would like. I have a lift, so underside pictures are possible too, or if you want to inspect it yourself.

It was a fun toy for me, I am only selling because I have ordered a BMW M235i to add to my little collection of cars. If I had the garage space I would keep the Fiat too! Feel free to give me a call to discuss the car.

Kevin Rhodes
(207) 221-5465