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Smm panel dünyanın en ucuz sistemi

2015 Abarth Bluetooth Audio streaming not working! - Page 5
500 Madness
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Thread: 2015 Abarth Bluetooth Audio streaming not working!

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    Quote Originally Posted by love2fly View Post
    Ok how to start, I just took my 2015 Sport into the FIAT dealer in Des Moines Iowa. I was told there is only one FIAT technician in the state of Iowa. I was informed by the dealer that FIAT is notorious for software updates. You will not know if there is an update available unless you call your FIAT dealer and give them the last 8 digits of the vin number. They will find what they called RAPID RESPONSE UPDATES.
    There were two updates available, when done my blue and me messaging starting working. Have not tried the streaming yet.
    Maybe this will help
    Can you update on the streaming after the updates? My 2015 Abarth B&M just stopped working this week, I deleted the pairing, when trying to re-pair the phone to the car I keep getting an "unsuccessful pairing". I have not tried unplugging the negative terminal to the battery but that's next. Sounds like going to the dealer/studio is a waste of time by most accounts. If they doesn't get resolved I'll just have to buy a third party bluetooth device.

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    I have a 2015 Abarth with beats, it connects to the phone.

    The issue is I cannot stream BT audio, it doesn't show up as an option on my phone. And I cannot turn the volume up or down when I am connected to a call.

    I have already had the BT module replaced shortly after buying the car, I am wondering if it died again.

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    Is there any update to this? My 2015 Abarth started doing this too. Phone works fine, but my Iphone 6s plus Music app does not see a bluetooth device option.

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    there is a TSB to fix this issue. Problem is most dealers are not doing the procedure properly. Took me 2 dealers to get it done right.

    TSB 08-049-15 applies to FIAT 500 vehicles built on or before April 22, 2015

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    I know this is old, but if you search on Blue and Me won't stream audio, this thread comes up.

    My streaming audio, which was working fine on my 2015 Fiat 500 Abarth and iPhone, suddenly stopped working. It would pair OK, but no audio. It would work via a wire either even though I could play media via a usb thumb drive.

    The solution was to disconnect the battery for 5 minutes, reconnect the battery, "forget" the existing pairing with my phone, repair the Blue and Me with my phone, and bingo...........it now works. Go figure.

    Time will tell is this is a permanent fix and/or if it fails again if this simple trick will fix Blue and Me.

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