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Wash your car with a high quality wash mitt!
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Thread: Wash your car with a high quality wash mitt!

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    Wash your car with a high quality wash mitt!

    Stay Fresh "Guardian" Wash Mitt is THE professional detailer's wash glove. Of course avid detailers will go to extreme lengths to prevent any chances of causing damage to a freshly corrected paint surface. So initially, your exterior looks and feels great, but now is the time to invest into preventing any chances of re-damaging the surface. This is why Stay Fresh is all about keeping your vehicle as “fresh” as possible! The "Guardian" is an ultra plush mitt that grabs, lifts, and removes filth from the exterior. This is achieved by the very thin wool hair that traps the dirt and prevents it from rubbing against the paint surface. Yet, without denial, we would all love to just wash our car and see the pristine reflections. Well, this is possible with proper washing of the vehicle combined with the correct wash mitt! The "Guardian" will ultimately leave you washing in confidence and thus reducing the chances of having to do the paint correction process over again! Just think about it… when you wash your vehicle, you are actually causing all those annoying swirls. That's right, an improper washing technique and using abrasive wash mitts over an extended period of time are the culprits of marring and paint damage. This is the reason you see the onset of swirls months or even weeks after purchasing a car. The “Guardian” mitt will leave you continuously amazed every time you hold one in your hand! 100% money back guarantee.!pr...n%22-wash-mitt
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    This reminds me of the Wookies fist I bought.

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