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Install BOV Forge (Photos)
500 Madness
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Thread: Install BOV Forge (Photos)

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    Install BOV Forge (Photos)

    Hi, thanks to supertony, because of their instructions I could install my BOV, so i hope don't bother him that I 'm taking their instructions in this post to explain the installation with pics.

    This is the kit:

    I'll start with the confusing part...

    Standing in front of the car an facing your open engine bay start on the right side.

    - Locate the emissions canister. This is the black box on the right top of your engine to the left of the battery.

    This emissions canister is bolted on with 3 bolts.
    Remove the bolts but you do not have to remove the hoses.
    Simply lift straight up about 3 inches then swing the unit to the back by your firewall
    This gives you access to the brake vacuum line.DO NOT CUT THE LINE AND BE CAREFUL NOT TO DAMAGE THE CLIP.
    Unclip the brake vacuum line


    - take hose A and insert onto the brake line hose nipple where the brake line just came from
    - insert the 6mm T connector (#12) into hose A
    - Insert the SHORT SIDE of the silver aluminum 6mm adapter (#9) in one end of hose B
    - Insert the open end of hose B onto the opposing side of the T connector (#12)
    - Insert hose C into the T exit of the 6mm connector and route the hose around the back of the engine bay
    - Firmly click the open end of the aluminum brake line connector (#9) into the OEM brake vacuum line you unplugged in the first step - this will make a FIRM click connection
    - Reinstall the emissions canister as this side is complete

    - Insert the 6mm to 4mm adapter (#13) into the open end of the 6mm hose routed around the back of the engine bay
    - Insert long 4mm hose (F) into part 13

    - Locate and uninstall your OEM BOV Valve. This is held on by three Allen screws. Save the screws when you take them off. You need them for the new valve.
    - Unplug your OEM BOV Valve's electrical connection and plug in part #1 the extension plug

    Here is the part when you have to cut an OEM hose. Refer to the schematic and locate the "OEM HOSE REFERENCE Z". This is a 4mm hose that comes from the lower side of your turbo and connects to your engine. Mine was a five inch long silicone hose connected to a hard plastic extension to the engine block. Cut the silicone section of the hose right in the center as you have to insert part #11 the 4mm T connector. Install the T connector leaving the 90 degree plug available..

    Next install the solenoid (#3) onto the mounting bracket (#8) using the screws provided (#4). There is no polarity requirement. Either way will do.

    Be aware that the bracket is going to install using the lower screw on the BOV Valve. The BOV valve must connect flush with the turbo housing and the bracket will just go on outside and the screw will go through both and secure the bracket so the solenoid hangs down below the turbo. There is plenty of room down below for the solenoid and hoses.

    Next connect hose D to the BOV valve
    - Insert the open end of hose D into the solenoid using the grey 90 degree hose nipple
    - Insert hose E into the end of the solenoid with the single metal hose connector under the electrical plug
    - Insert the open end of hose E into the open 4mm T connector in the middle of OEM HOSE Z
    - Route the hose F hanging outside the left side of the engine compartment through a safe place behind the coolant reservoir and to the solenoid - connect to the straight-out grey 4mm hose nipple
    - plug electrical extension (#1) into the solenoid electrical plug.
    - Mount the solenoid and BOV to the turbo housing.

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    Well done! The directions that come from Forge can make this install seem a daunting task! The pictures combined with supertony's write up, should really help people to better understand what's needed and how to do it!
    I'm one of those "visual" types myself,lol!
    2013 Abarth:
    EC/HPSI Euro-Drive Phase 2/695TF Tune-ATM FWI-ATM FMIC-Forge WGA with blue spring-GFB DV+-Craven TB Spacer-HPSI Boost retainer kit-PTP Turbo blanket-Supersprint exhaust
    Neu-F 28mm rear bar-Neu-f trans mount insert-Eibach Prokit-Punto bumps-Koni Sport struts/shocks-TWM Short Shifter-595 Shift knob-Custom Boost gauge-"T" lights-Rota F500 16x7 w/16mm spacers -

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    This thread deserve to be in DIY Sticky

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    Piri, Great addition to Super Tony's write up!! Thanks for the pics! :-D

    Just got done with mine.

    A) Make sure you do the ECU reset after. This is why your Check Engine light is on. (Disconnect, hold brake for 15 sec, wait 10 min, connect, turn car on but not all the way on, wait 1 min, turn car on, idle for 3 min, drive 30-70 miles under 4K No Sport Mode)

    B) Great YouTube vid for the BOV install:

    Thanks again Piri and Supertony!

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    How do you guys like your Forge Atmospheric BOV? Any issue with oil mess?

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