Hello everyone,

I want to share a few pictures and video of the installation of the CPR top brace - the video is long but I wanted to capture all I could to share this install with everyone.

Before I begin I want to thank Ron for all of his time and effort as the quality is exceptional. If you have ordered one of these offerings you will see that Ron has been overly generous to this community with his time, and with no or minimal mark up for cost on the materials for this project. The parts are very precision and have a much greater value than what we have been invoiced by Ron.

I only ordered the top bar from Ron as may intent is to create a barrier with race netting to keep anything I place in the trunk area from flying forward during hard braking. My intent was never to use this as a harness bar as my roll bar has the proper fastening point for this function and I don't recommend anyone use this as a harness bar. It will do great as an added structural piece for the top rear section of the car. If you purchased the entire X-Brace kit then I am certain it will be a very structural (sturdy) piece - you"ll be amazed. Also, if you keep your rear seats folded down you will have to remove the fastening hardware and re-install the OEM latch if you want the rear seat backs to lock into place for safe riding - again this may be easier to do than what I experienced due to having a roll bar fastened to the rear seat belt points holding the rear panels in place.


End Piece

Bar Mounting Hardware

Mounting pieces


Installed View 2

Installed View 3

Installed View 4

Installation Notes:
It's best to install this bar by first removing the bolts that fasten the latch points for the rear seats. The bolt that is closest to the front will not be used as Ron has supplied a longer bolt as you will now have more to hold into place and a longer bolt is required. The bolt that is closest to the back can be removed so that you can move the OEM latch away and refasten the bolt so that it does not fall behind the rear quarter panel - do this for both the left and right side.

Next you want to separate the rear quarter panel from the body of the car by slowly pulling it away with even tension. While you are doing this slowly begin to maneuver the latch out by wiggling it out carefully. Please note the passenger side has a wiring loom that will be in your way, just push it up and out of your way and the piece will come out (This may also be easier if I did not have a roll bar fastened to the lower seat belt points) - see picture below

Once you have this completed you can begin to install the rear plate first. Begin by sliding the plate behind the panel, in reverse of removing the latch, then securing the front bolt first (the one supplied by Ron). Once this is done you can undo the rear bolt (a bit tricky) and fasten it once you have located the elongated slot on the plate. I used a screwdriver as leverage to help align it until I was able to fasten it. Once these two bolts are in place you can set the mounting clevis in place with the supplied bolt from Ron. Again, you may need to loosen the front bolt and do not worry you have plenty of thread to to do this. Once everything is aligned (you can use the screw driver once again to align the center bolt hole with the plate) tighten it all up. Once all of the bolts are tightened you can push the panel back into place and you will hear a very firm click confirming the clip is back into its original place and secure.

The next step is to install the bar. Start at one end, align everything and drop the pin into place - this will be a tight fit as Ron machined them with very tight tolerances to assure a nice tight fit. One you have aligned one side do the same for the opposite side. You might have to loosen the bar to give yourself a bit more to work with to align the holes. Once you achieve this the pin will drop in nicely. The final step is to apply tension to the bar by turning it and it will apply pressure to the fastening point to the extent it no longer has play in it. if you are satisfied tighten the lock nut on both sides and you are now done.

Again, A BIG thank you to Ron for all of his efforts in bringing us another great product.

Thank you for your time,