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Yeah, I know, nearly 6 years later and still no answers? I have a '15 500e, and my first Motorola phone worked flawlessly. I replaced it with another Motorola and now it prompts me every time I start the car to, "copy my phone book". Every time.... Any help out there in 4m land?
I had to do this when my mom’s Galaxy A50 stopped connecting to the car. It’s shouldn’t be a problem with the car, but the phone. Wipe the cache partition in the recovery boot loader. DON’T wipe data, just the cache partition. This will not delete the data. That fixed it. If that doesn’t work, try this. Now, you have a 500e, so I don’t know if this will work, but you can unplug the 12V battery, and plug it back in, that fixed the problem with the buttons not responding, and may help with the connection issue. Hope this helps!