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Thread: Fiat 500 wiring diagrams.

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    Guys great info. Quick question, what do the numbers next to the wire color correspond to? are they pins on the ECU plug by any chance?
    I am looking to connect an RPM sensing wire and I am being told to look for the ing. coil ground, or ECU pin.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rowtarded View Post
    So here is the temp link from drop box. There are both .pdf and .jpeg versions of all diagrams.


    You should be able to save it and then unzip the file. Let me know if there is any issues with it or the link.

    Hello and sorry for my English.

    I am from Spain and I bought a 2013 Abarth 500c USA Versión five months ago.

    Two weeks ago I had a accident and the box fuse was broken and some wires was cuts and I forget the possition of this wires.

    I spoke with a Fiat dealer from Madrid and He told me that don`t have the electric diagrams of my car because is a USA versión.

    I hope if you can help me and upload again the electric diagrams of the wires of the box fuse under the Hood for repair my car.

    Thank you very much!!

    Best Regards

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    Hello dear
    Could you please post fiat500e 2014 wiring diagram?
    Many thanks in advane

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