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500 Madness
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Thread: What did you do to your Abarth today..?

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    What did you do to your Abarth today..?

    This thread is a place for you to share your additions/projects with the rest of the community. No matter how big or small, this is the place to fill everyone in on the day to day work to your Abarth. This is a good way to keep everyone in the loop about your ride.

    So what did you do to your Abarth 500 today?

    Well, today I actually dropped mine off at the dealership to get them to fix a few things. But more importantly, I got a few things in the mail that are REALLY nice.

    More to follow..

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    I parked mine at work (its still parked)
    2013 Abarth - Sila intake, Sila FMIC, Forge BOV plate, Madness springs, Tork boost leak fix

    1986 Virago

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    I built a custom engine cover

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    Stuck thread, popular thread on the "other forum" and sure it will be here so now it is easier to locate being "stuck".

    Today I did nothing but Thursday it is supposed to be at least 70F or warmer so got a few things planned.

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    Well, not *my* Abarth, but I drove the PISS outta the things.

    Laguna Seca.

    Full throttle clutch drops. (x50)

    Improved my autocross time by 8 SECONDS in just three runs!

    Slamming on the brakes from insane speeds. Pedal bottomed.

    Slightly sideways down the corkscrew (possibly intentional, but honestly not)

    Burnout launches out the ying yang.

    Throttle lift-off making DAT ASS TWERK around the head-to-head turns.

    A dab of oppo.

    SNAP-CRACKLE-POP of 6 Scorpions echoing throughout the raceway.

    Took lots of video for a cool Abarth Experience project.

    Met great fellow drivers.

    Awesome instructors who took me from the ground up.

    And I totally wound up wearing my headsock like a beanie when not in a helmet, for maximum aerodynamicness!

    Won 4 out of 5 head-to-head races.

    Didn't touch a cone the entire day.

    Yeah, I'm going to join up on track days now.
    Thanks Abarth Experience.
    I'm addicted.
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    Drove home from work with the windows down (lower 70s) in sport mode and listened to the exhaust all the way home.
    2013 Abarth Blanco
    2011 Ducati Monster 696 Stone White

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    Scraped the bottom of the Abarth on melting snow as I pulled out of a parking lot. It hit 40 degrees, first time this year it got above 32!

    Rosso 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth from Bettenhausen Fiat, Tinley Park, Illinois. Madness Rear-Seat Delete. P-Flo Intake by Neuspeed. Competizione Upper Front Brace Bar. Dunlap Direzza DZ102, 205/45R16, 87WXL, Summer Tires.

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    Drove home topless, also used the Abarth to go get some smaller material for work (topless also). Was in the low 60's but felt good. Need to get her washed for this Saturday's Cars and Coffee here.

    2012 Pop Cabrio (Lil Blue/Poco Blu) 2013 Abarth Cabrio (Poco Ribelle) 1980 Spider Pininfarina 2000 (Money Pit)

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    I curb rashed the rear driver's wheel at lunch. I haven't curbed a wheel in I don't know how long. I get a new car and do it in less than a week of ownership. Bright nice white wheel, now scraped up.

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    New wheels!

    All Angles Design
    cell - 352.262.6071

    2013 Grigio Abarth
    AAD Torque Strut, AAD Catch Can, ATM FMIC, HCI, and Boost Gauge, Forge BOV and Actuator, Mpx TB, ATP Downpipe, Magnaflow Catback, Ryephile's EVAP Reroute, Neu-f Springs, Koni Yellow Front and Rear Shocks, Neu-F Torsion Bar, TWM Short Shifter, Custom 16x7 Royal Black & Polished Lip Rota RB's

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