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Difference between Pop and Turbo - Page 3
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Thread: Difference between Pop and Turbo

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    i have a 13T and i get apx 38 in town and 42-44 on the freeway, i drive about 70mph, when my wife drives she gets 35 in town and 38 on the open road but she will drive 80+, I have never had a tank that was less than 30mpg, even with some spirted mountain driving. watch the instant MPG once your up to speed it takes very little to maintain that speed. I have seen my inst mpg go up 10 mpg with just very light throttle movement and no change in speed

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    My computer thinks my Abarth gets 30.6MPG running it 80%-90% on the highway 70-80MPH goosing it when I need to merge (or when I want to hear a few pops :P) I did the math and after a week of driving to work I get 32.5 MPG...
    I don't trust or believe MPG readouts, it's just guessing based on engine load/speed, vehicle speed, IAT, idle time and uses a fixed "chart" to do the math. I usually just reset the trip, drive 1/2 a tank and do the math to figure out how much gas I'm using.

    Turbocharged engines like to be spooled, from experience, accelerating like granny hurts fuel economy more than just driving normally ( not bat crap crazy), besides, why would one buy the turbo to hypermile?
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