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Thread: Gucci Trade In

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    The truth is the cars were truly a limited edition and are special. They have features that are exclusive only to the Gucci. The production was sold out, too, so they have all the requisites to fit the definition. As far as resale value, realistically speaking it should be worth more than a Lounge model. How much more is open to negotiation, but even Ferraris lose value.
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    Clean money at auction these are bringing between 11k and 14k. Sorry but 13k is fair based on demand for these. I would hold on to it until summer when rag tops are worth more if you haven't already traded it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NGEN View Post
    Unfortunately, the resale value on the Fiat is fairly low because of all the monster rebates going on. I think moving forward for 2014 (my personal opinion not fact) is they won't make as many so they can avoid just giving them away or just sitting on lots. I might be wrong. If you were selling it to a Fiat studio, you would probably get closer to $16k. Keep us updated. Who knows in a few months we might be interested in it so we can have both colors of the Gucci (Jennifer loves the Gucci model and would love to have both convertibles LOL - she has the black one now).
    2015 does not look any better. Rebates out the wazoo. I'm looking into a 500L right now and they have tons left on the dealer lots. BTW,Who you taking for the super bowl? LOL

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