Some 2013 Fiat 500Ts may have the TPMS system programmed with the wrong rear tire pressure
and may also have the incorrect pressure listed on the Tire Information Label in the drivers door jam.

Details below:

Customer Satisfaction Notification N03 Tire PressureMonitor & Overlay Label

2013 (FF) Fiat 500 Sport Turbo

NOTE: This notification applies only to the above vehicles equipped with 135 engine
horse power rating (sales code NZP) built through October 10, 2012 (MDH 101023).*

The Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM) System on about 380 of the above vehicles may
have been programmed to set a low tire pressure warning lamp at higher than
intended rear tire pressure levels and the Tire and Loading Information Label
indicates a lower than intended value for the front tire pressure.

The Tire Pressure Module must be reprogramed and a revised tire pressure overlay
applied to the Tire and Loading Information Label.

* Find out what the MDH is here: Decoding the Fiat 500 VIN