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500 Madness
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Thread: Official Abarth 1/4 mile time list

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    I have the Beats audio package. Unless you plan on cutting the entire car out down to a custom aluminum dash and seats, there’s no need to pull it out. Go on a diet, or take a large dump before you race. Lol. It also helps if you only have about a quarter tank of gas.

    Quote Originally Posted by majora96 View Post
    How much weight you suppose the beats audio adds? I have it on mine, not sure if it's worth removing if it doesn't weigh much extra.
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    2013 Fiat 500 Abarth Beats Ed. (Grigio) - Sold!
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    Quote Originally Posted by majora96 View Post
    How much weight you suppose the beats audio adds? I have it on mine, not sure if it's worth removing if it doesn't weigh much extra.
    Remove the rear seats first, I just have and personally was shocked at how much just the rear seat backs weighed. I had questioned the 47lb drop in weight claim, right up until I lifted the rear seat backs out. They are surprisingly heavy the easiest place to start shedding weight, figure a lighter battery would be the 2nd easiest place to shed a little weight. Both of those make more sense than dealing with the sub and Im sure would offer greater weight shedding gains, figure almost 50lbs deleting the rear seats and an easy 10lbs with a different battery. Theres at least 1 guy running a lawnmower battery that seems to shed 20lbs over the oem battery, although he is in a warmer state. Anyway, start with the rear seat for weight savings, its the most youll easily shed and easy to do and easy to switch back if needed.
    2015 Abarth (auto) moonroof, leather, Beats, forged 17s
    Blackout oem headlight, taillight & turn signal package
    595 grey badges, door handles, carbon fiber door sills
    Neu-F springs, 28mm torsion bar, Koni yellows (rear)
    Neuspeed 2.5 inch full catback exhaust
    EBC slotted rotors & redstuff pads
    Chrome scorpion gas door
    Shrader rear seat delete
    EC 4.1 version intake
    EC FMIC and piping
    EC 695 & phase 2
    Sila turbo blanket
    Defi boost gauge
    Black roof wrap
    HID headlights
    GFB DV+
    4C coils

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1320 View Post
    What car is this BTW? Yours? Video of the run?
    I got rid of my 500. It was on E85, TD05H Super 16G, water to air intercooler etc. I sucked at launching that car. I couldnt get my self down the front half without spinning the entire way. I was always stuck runninng 14s but trapping as high as 107. I ended up switching to the 124/ND platform. That car is way easier. Managed a 14.1@99 with only 200 whp in my first 124 only cutting a 2.1 60 ft

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    Is this thing still on?


    I'm pretty sure I can find more time on the Stage 2 tune that John sent me but I decided to jump ship and start running the meth tune. I really need to clean up my 1-2 shift but this is a quickie effort as summarized in my "Quickie drag day" thread.
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    2015 Fiat 500 Abarth
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    Handling: H&R 5mm spacers, El Gato Front Braces, Tork Rigid Collars, Fat Cat Motorsports Revalved Bilsteins, CPR lower brace, Fat Cat Bump Stops
    DSP/D-class (local club classing)

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    Place holder until spring when the tracks open, street Dragy run.

    2013 Fiat 500 Abarth - Rosso

    1752. and things.

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