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Did you notice prices?
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Thread: Did you notice prices?

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    Did you notice prices?

    I was wandering sites, looked at some window stickers, prices on add-on accessories already have gone up. Some are in $900 range for sunroof others are $1100. There are other price increases except for spare tire & packages, still $450 & $700.
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    I noticed same thing yet prices remain unchanged on the configurator. Unusual for price changes during model year, but not unheard of.

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    I wrote about it here last month: Fiat 500 and 500L Pricing Increase

    It is suprising the price on the 500L went up only a few months after the intro, especially after all ads promoting the prices. Two hundred dollars is a pretty good price increase. Strangely, the prices went up on 2013 500s right at the end of the year. naturally, they won't confirm pricing on 2014 500s, but expect the prices carried over.
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