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500T Cattiva/T Horsepower vs AbarthP? - Page 2
500 Madness
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Thread: 500T Cattiva/T Horsepower vs AbarthP?

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    I'll leave it to y'all to argue numbers, but on the Abarth the exhaust note definitely deepens in all gears in Sport mode, and the car is noticeably quicker. And fun!
    2013 Abarth Cabrio, Nero w/ Rosso stripes/mirror caps, Nero cloth, Comfort & Convenience, Beats, clear bra, Turbo tails, Platypus front plate holder, Tributo Ferrari key fob

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    Quote Originally Posted by lammie200 View Post
    Sport mode doesn't do anything for HP or torque on all models either turbo or non turbo. It just tightens both throttle response and steering feel. On most other cars with a "Sport" mode it also changes the shift points for an auto transmission. I don't think that it does on Fiat 500's though.
    This is an incorrect statement. When the Sport button is pressed in the Abarth the allowed boost is increased as well as torque. It's right in the owners packet that came with the car and an extremely easy thing to feel. You literally have two different cars at your disposal. I cannot speak for the 500T models, but your statement would be accurate for all of the naturally aspirated engines.

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    Thanks for all the info...sometimes I wish I could have the turbo power but the the tight steering? But that's another issue...

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    I have the turbo and it was definitely down on power. It felt like someone had de-tuned it. I therefore installed the DV+ and then stage two chipped it with OFT. Now it feels like it's getting the power it should. No other performance mods.

    I have installed a kenwood that plugs into the obd port. It read a max of 13psi of boost when I was really laying into it. Now it shows a max of 28psi. It just pulls and pulls...and spins the tires if I'm not gentle.

    I do drive mine without the sport mode on most of the time. I can definitely tell that it has the same power (even get the same boost) but the throttle is not nearly as quick. This is great in stop and go traffic. Very nice.

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