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Thread: Please provide OPTION to turn OFF the remote key horn beep

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    Please provide OPTION to turn OFF the remote key horn beep

    As a BMW owner, I like the quiet "click" when I remotely lock my car. I was surprised at the horn beep on my new 500E. I called customer service, and they said there was currently no option to turn it off. Since adding this feature would not hurt anyone who likes the horn beep, I'm hoping we can get some support for this option on the 500E forum. Please chime in softly... My next door neighbors would appreciate silent locking when I arrive late at night!

    (And don't we like it that our electric car is quiet?!)

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    Lock the door with the key. No beep. However, the alarm system isn't armed either.

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    I'm with you on that one. I want silent arming. I'm in apartments. I'm sure everyone would appreciate silent arming. I, myself wondered who was honking in the middle of the night, only to realize it's someone else with a honking arming system for their vehicle.

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    Requested this two yes ago... they ain't listening.

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    Install an air horn. My Abarth now sounds more Italian than Mexican. Also no beep when locking. Good ones from Fiamm or Hella. I went with Hella, they have a nice compact unit. Compact compressor mounts near battery, horns mount under left front fender liner.

    Used it yesterday on So. Cal freeway when someone on their phone drifted on to my lane.

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    My guess is that a majority of owners like the beep just so they know that it's locked as they walk away. If there is a fuse just for the horn you could probably just pull it out.

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