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Thread: Can't charge my Fiat..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andree View Post
    LOL! Glad it's working. I was all panicky at this end.

    Have you tried the Fiat smartphone app? If you can get it to work, other people need help with it.

    I posted what I could find.

    Say, did you get a print manual or the DVD or both?
    I won't really have time to mess with the car too much until after this weekend so I can't really mess with the app yet. I only got the DVD manual. They told me I can call Fiat and they will send me the hard copy if I wanted.

    I will say this: I am an idiot about the charging and the charger definitely works but I called the dealer and no one helped me at all. They told me to call the Fiat hotline. I called the Fiat hotline and they told me they cannot help me. They told me I needed to call the mfr of the charger which they told me was Aerovironment. I called them and blew a lot of time on hold with them. They finally told me I had to call Fiat because they don't make the level-1 charger...they only make the level-2. So I tried the Fiat number again and they told me that no one there has the info on how to use the charger. I thought that was because...you know...the charger is kinda important on an electric car. I guess that Fiat is not really set up yet with a well-trained group in the support dept for this car yet. If it were me setting up this tech support group I would have hired better/smarter people and trained them much better but that is just me. My opinion about the 800-support line is that it is a total joke right now but hopefully the car is easy enough for idiots like to me mostly figure out. And I hope the dealers get more training or take the time to actually train themselves with the tech.

    Either way: I am really digging this car. I hope I made the right decision on the colors I got for both cars. Orange for one and white with black interior and the e-sport for the other....

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    Yesterday after work I plugged 'Creamsicle' in (orange with white inside). Came back an hour later and of the dash charging lights only the outer two were blinking (error message) and the car hadn't charged. I hadn't pushed the plug in all the way, it was fine after.

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    Danny, you're not an idiot, you're in the process of learning something new. The people at the various "help" lines are also learning something new. It does sound like there needs to be more training all around at Fiat. If it were up to me, I'd probably hire a person at each dealership who was the 500e-pro. No vehicle leaves the lot without the e-pro going over the basic charging, and the ability to answer questions.

    The e-pro could also keep up to date with things like Trent's bicycle rack. So people had a resource at their dealership. The e-pro would be separate from sales people or service.

    The e-pro could help people set up their Fiat app right then and there at the dealership point of sale. Or folks can drop by when they have more time, for more help.

    They DO have a Fiat hotline at the dealerships, that can supposedly answer all your questions. However, if it's the same people that Danny tried to get in touch with, they aren't very useful. Sometimes you need a real human being to be present to physically go through the motions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danny_1 View Post
    Does anyone here know if I am doing something stupid when I am trying to charge my Fiat. I plug the charger into the wall (the standard 110V charger). Nothing happens...there is no green light or any lights whatsoever on the charger. I have tried it in several plugs and tested the outlets (they work). This is the first time I am charging so maybe there is some start-up thing I have to do first?

    Should I be doing something different? Maybe my charger is broken?

    I called my dealer but they are not interested in helping me so I gave up there.
    Danny_1: Hope this helps:

    EVSE Charging:
    Our latest count shows 36 different J1772 type level 2 EVSEs in the market, including many that are no longer manufactured. Were finding that all the EVSEs are a little bit different; a few are different enough that the 500e has difficulty using them.
    o We recommend AV (Aerovironment) equipment. Same as used by Nissan Leaf and available through MOPAR.
    o Most J1772 EVSEs will work, but recommend the buyer try it out first.
    o Always schedule charging from the vehicle some early wall units, like ECOTality, allow charge scheduling from off board the car. 500e does not like this! If your EVSE can schedule a charge, be sure to set the wall box to charge whenever 500e is plugged in and manage scheduled charging through the vehicle.

    Best Practices:
    After plugging into an unknown EVSE (perhaps public, or a friends house), be sure to watch the charge indicator on the dash to see the blinking lights. If the two outermost lights blink, there is a charging fault. (The engineers call this getting goalposts) Try unplugging, then replugging the 500e. If goalposts persist, youll have to find another EVSE to successfully charge your 500e.
    When plugging into an EVSE with an active charge schedule, the charge indicator lights will cycle across the indicator. This means that charging is ready, but being deferred because the time does not match the charging window. If you want to charge right away, activate Charge Now from the cluster, Fiat Access smartphone app or the TomTom. This will allow the charge to start immediately as an exception to the charge schedule.

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    Danny_1: Hope this helps:
    i have to say that sounds a bit scary.. hope it works out well
    Wicked Dot - Rosso+black Abarth 500c
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    try turning off the charging timer in the car. Also, not all wall receptacles have enough available amperage to operate the charger.

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    For those charging on Level 1, make sure the outlet will support the 15a current required by the charger.

    If the outlet is not properly grounded, or if the wires inside the wall are too old, the charger will perform a initial test before start charging. If the test fails, the charger wont start charging the car.

    I have heard from someone trying to charging the 500e on Level 1 using a long extension cord to reach the outlet. The result, the charger didnt work. No surprises, once the longer wire increases the electrical resistance. For safety reasons, the charger will not start charging.

    It is not surprise that someone will bring the car to the Studio and the charger works just fine.

    Im curious, Which Fiat Studio you bought your 500e and they couldnt help you?

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    I'd go lower.

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    The easiest way to stop the charging function is to remove the plug. If you are using the EVSE (charger) that comes with the car, there is no automatic way to stop charging short of the EV being full.

    As for usage, there are no specific limits. You can plug in at any time. You do not have to drop the battery to a specific state of charge before you recharge.


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