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500 Madness
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Thread: ECU Swap: 500T to Abarth... am I the first?

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    2012 Fiat 500 sport

    Quote Originally Posted by Giuseppe View Post
    You will need to recode the BCM, reflash the EVIC (including a VIN burn), reflash the PCM (also including a VIN burn) and then reprogram the key (not necessarily in that order). I have no idea where you are located, but if you are anywhere near central california I would be happy to attempt programming. I have all of the equipment here.

    This is a long shot but here goes. Giuseppe, I live in Stockton, Ca and currently own a 2012 Fiat 500 Sport with a "lost all key" issue. I have a key that was made but it doesnt unlock / lock the doors using the FOB and the car cranks but doesnt start. I know there is an issue with the BCU and the newly made key. I would like some help with this and will gladly pay for your time if you are close by in my area. Please respond when you can. Thanks.

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    I feel like this might not be worth the effort in term of straight up power, given the numbers that can be made on a turbo with a standard piggyback or ecu tune.

    I am curious as to weather or not the software lsd will work. Imo that's really the biggest thing from the abarth that the turbo is missing, as the rest of the differences are pretty easy to make up for through aftermarket parts. That being said I'm wondering how the cost of porting over the electronic lsd compares to just buying a real lsd.
    2013 500t
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