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Thread: Front/rear Suspension Torque specs

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    I don't know what torque tool can be used to tighten the mounting nut while keeping the hex from moving inside the strut. All I have is a 3/8 drive torque wrench. Can I get away with hand tightening (but not overtightening) the mounting nut? Is my torque wrench all I need for the other bolts/nuts? I don't want to start pulling things apart only to realize I am missing a tool.

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    I bought Moog K100156 camber bolts for the front suspension. For those who've installed this, what did you torque it to?
    The factory bolts require 55 ft/lbs, but these are a lot smaller in diameter (7mm vs 10mm stock).

    I over torqued one and broke it, so I don't want to break the other one.

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