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Hey guys. Just got my 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth for a great price and I've already dived into it. I love the idea of the car and want to make it my summer work horse to get to work events as it has very good gas mileage and to save miles off my Evo or Lightning. Ilove the sound especially, best sounding 4 cylinder ever. (4C?)

It came with the following mods.

Madness Pedal

Madness Intake

Madness OG ECU Thingy set to 6 (goes from 1 to 9)

Front Brace Bar 500 Madness

New clutch kit (flywheel, clutch, pressure plate, throw-out bearing, rear main seal)

Upgraded shifter bushings

Reverse light LED retrofit

So it drives great and makes great power.


  1. Already threw a failure for the TPMS, it won't read a wheel and size I have arranged the wheels around it still reads the side wheels as front. I am going to try to get new tires and all new sensors.
  2. CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK. Have that dreaded thunk up front struts. Already ordered CFP Strut hats and a brace bar, already sprayed the steering shaft with white lithium grease. Steering feels fine but definitely get that clunk up front with minor steering and bumps.
  3. POO6D. I think it is from my Madness box. May take it off but I like how it makes the boost higher
  4. Stripes are tired, need to pull them off.
  5. I need a Madness Heat Shield. (anyone have one?!?!?!)
  6. I need a Wiper Cowl Shroud.

I am the 5th owner and it originally was a show car. last owner bought it in October and never drove it. Car only has 40,700 miles on it.

Here is the 1st seller and what he did to it.
[URL unfurl="true"]http://www.2040-cars.com/Fiat/500/2013-fiat-abarth-custom-1-of-a-kind-373411/[/URL]

Another sale thread, this poor car has been passed around but it finally has a home now.
[URL unfurl="true"]https://topcheapcar.com/car/Used-2013-Fiat-500-Abarth-for-Sale-in-Fresh-Meadows-NY-3C3CFFFH6DT607626[/URL]

Thanks for having me, I love this car and can't wait to make it perfect. Any advice????

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