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Fiat 500 USA Forum - Fiat 500e http://www.fiat500usaforum.com/ The first affordable fun to drive electric vehicle! en Tue, 21 Mar 2023 15:10:36 GMT vBulletin 30 http://www.fiat500usaforum.com/images/misc/rss.png Fiat 500 USA Forum - Fiat 500e http://www.fiat500usaforum.com/ Trouble in River City -- Tech help needed Badly -- Help !!! http://www.fiat500usaforum.com/showthread.php?40077-Trouble-in-River-City-Tech-help-needed-Badly-Help-!!!&goto=newpost Mon, 13 Mar 2023 21:18:24 GMT Bought my 2013 Orange/white 500E in January 2016, one owner car with 19700 miles - have driven it a very happy, 25000 trouble-free miles. Drivers...
Bought my 2013 Orange/white 500E in January 2016, one owner car with 19700 miles - have driven it a very happy, 25000 trouble-free miles. Drivers seat has torn bottom driver's left side bolster, tried to get it repaired

at two very good upholstery shops, and it refused doctoring. I bought some great condition 2017 E seats, removed the old seats and started with install on passenger side and discovered the electrical plug from the seat

won't fit the plug from the floor harness. Then remembered that in '17 the nav system is now mounted up in the dash AND the wiring is not color matched the same as the seats plug. I'm uncertain if the car is using a

CanBus system or if the HV battery has been upgraded in some way. Does anyone have any experience to share about this issue ?? The new (to me) seats are really in great condition, sitting in my basement. :confusion:

I don't want to mis-wire in any way - if you have any suggestions, or experience or ideas --- please share them. Thanks so much ! David , Seattle

PS: If someone has a 2013-2015 500E black drivers seat I'd buy that and try to sell my 2017 set.
Fiat 500e davduc http://www.fiat500usaforum.com/showthread.php?40077-Trouble-in-River-City-Tech-help-needed-Badly-Help-!!!
Paint/color code/paint code to fix curbed black/orange OEM 15 wheels on 2015 500e ? http://www.fiat500usaforum.com/showthread.php?40071-Paint-color-code-paint-code-to-fix-curbed-black-orange-OEM-15-wheels-on-2015-500e&goto=newpost Sat, 11 Mar 2023 22:14:32 GMT
Almost everything is in the title, I'm looking for an easy fix to improve the cosmetic aspect of my curbed black oem wheels before selling, it t just sticks out way too much with the black paint (technically powder coating I think) on a acar that is otherwise pretty clean
Ideally something not too complicated, as long as it does a decent job at blending with the oem paint, I'm not expecting a prefect result anyway.
I can do a bit of filing/sanding and mask everything but the curbed places

I guess any black paint could do as long as it is about the correct level of gloss/matte but I'm pretty sure some will work better than others. I just don't want to buy and return several paints to discover they are way too glossy/matte, and lose lot of time with either trips to the store or waiting for deliveries, so if anyone has a reference or even some tips on out to find out a color code...I've tried googling but no luck.

By the way if you're in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area and interested in a white 2015 500e with the sport package and 44k miles it will be soon on sale sp you can hit me up. battery is OK, the car has no problem except curbed wheels :-D

Fiat 500e geemy http://www.fiat500usaforum.com/showthread.php?40071-Paint-color-code-paint-code-to-fix-curbed-black-orange-OEM-15-wheels-on-2015-500e