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    Installing Pioneer AVH-4201NEX soon....

    Once you flashed your Maestro RR module, and installed everything, the gauges will show up along with the OEM settings and such.

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    Dome light with led light problem

    Small updated on the problem, The problem came from the body control module. the last owner install HID headlamp and they created a feedback loop an probably

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    Automatic transmission won't engage in any gear

    All I've used is a hydraulic floor jack. Get the front of the car up on jack stands as high as you can, then support the engine and transmission with

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    Spare Tire Plan

    I just throw a full size spare where my rear seat used to be. Lays flat and doesn't move around. I also bring my breaker since the spanner in the kit

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    Spare Tire Plan

    I bought my jack at Wal-Mart if I remember correctly and I keep a breaker bar with the right size socket in the car andf a can of blow up.

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    Robert Nixon

    Fiat Passport

    The FIAT Club of America would be a possible sponsor of this.

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    Noob 2017 Abarth

    The difference is unreal. Front end is completely planted! I tried to get on it on the way home up the mountain for my test drive, but there were too

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    Noob 2017 Abarth

    Such a huge difference between the stock and El Gato (or other brand of those type braces).

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