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    MPGe...what's you best so far?

    I think the MPGe number is more of the car trying to be like a normal gas car. It's a simple equation really, a gallon of E10 gasoline is 33.6kWh of energy.

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    Rear seat pet protection. Whats everybody doon ?

    I sort of figure people like dogs enough it's acceptable. That's my hope at least.

    In that spirit, before and after:


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    Anyone have an xdf file for our ecu mapping?

    TJet and MultiAir will differ so that won't work.

    I doubt this will happen but you MIGHT be able to contact vendors/tuners already offering

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    Dash feels sticky

    This is actually a somewhat commonly discussed issue that many described as being "greasy" and it seems it is an off-gassing of the plastics.

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    Tuner Wobble bolts

    Asking a vendor might be the easiest but I'd suggest looking at Otis Inc., they look like what you linked to and myself and others have used them and

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    Thank You Everyone

    Late to post about this but I had info as things changed (improved) relayed to me.

    If anyone understands the issues that come with medical

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    What did you do to your Abarth today..?

    Other than driving a little also sorted an issue with the cig lighter/aux power today.

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    New owner in Maine

    I am seeing what you mean, going to mod yet speaks about a tuning option which does seem a bit suspect but right now there is no real proof but now that

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