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    Automatic transmission won't engage in any gear

    All I've used is a hydraulic floor jack. Get the front of the car up on jack stands as high as you can, then support the engine and transmission with

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    Spare Tire Plan

    I just throw a full size spare where my rear seat used to be. Lays flat and doesn't move around. I also bring my breaker since the spanner in the kit

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    Spare Tire Plan

    I bought my jack at Wal-Mart if I remember correctly and I keep a breaker bar with the right size socket in the car andf a can of blow up.

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    Robert Nixon

    Fiat Passport

    The FIAT Club of America would be a possible sponsor of this.

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    Noob 2017 Abarth

    The difference is unreal. Front end is completely planted! I tried to get on it on the way home up the mountain for my test drive, but there were too

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    Noob 2017 Abarth

    Such a huge difference between the stock and El Gato (or other brand of those type braces).

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    Dead Fiat

    Automatic transmission won't engage in any gear

    Width and depth (in mm) of the channel in the top of the jack? If someone would be so kind as to take a quick measurement that would be great.

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    Spare Tire Plan

    Thanks Racerflash for your ideas. They are right on the money for my purposes. I'd have to go to a dealer for the jack kit I assume. I'll ask and see

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