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    Thinking about buying.....

    I sit in Boston traffic 2.5 hours daily. I'll say this is one of the easiest manual traffic cars I have ever owned. If you are a stick kind of guy, I

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    OFT OBD2 Flash turner for sale!!!

    I decided it's time to part ways with my flash turner... A lot of people know I love this tune because it's customizable via email with shiv. It's aggressive

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    Coilover advice

    Thanks man, it was actually probably the 3rd scratcher I've ever purchased in the 10 years I've been legal to, and it paid off well!


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    Has ron been around lately?

    Correct. He and Joeyzilla both are here.

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    Thinking about buying.....

    Don't know where you are, but be sure to check out Car Gurus for used Abarths. They'll tell you if it's a good deal or not, and you can exclude any cars

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    My Vinyl Wrapped 500X

    Reminds me of my neighbor's pair of Jeeps. One is the citified version. And his off-road behemoth has the lower part of the body unpainted in some rugged

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    Nine speed automatic

    I wouldn't call it a huge disaster, and I also wouldn't go by rental cars. They see all sorts of abuses and there is no way to tell what kind of updates

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    Thinking about buying.....

    The biggest issues with the cars are the dealers, and dealing with FCA if things get nasty.

    The cars can have little nagging issues,

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