View Full Version : FS: Limited Edition - Genuine Abarth Pedal Set Alutex - New in Box - from Italy!

05-13-2013, 07:54 AM
FOR SALE: Genuine Pedal set (as seen in dark finish sold at 500 Madness http://500madness.com/500madness/sho...roduct_id=1434) from Abarth Italia. This is set is complete for MANUAL TRANSMISSION and is a direct fit (no drilling, no screwing) on US Abarths. Only one of the foot rest pedal's rubber pegs in the back will need to be removed since the US cars doesn't have the hole in the carpet at the same place (nothing a double sided velcro tape can't secure instead). Gorgeous set. The Alutex is like an aluminum fiber thread (carbon fiber?) that is not just applied as a fake veneer but is the actual material through. Very light and durable.
Purchased for $ 369 (the one on 500 Madness is the same in dark but missing 1 pedal since it is for automatic trans. and costs $299)

Yours for $300 including shipping.