View Full Version : Sound when operating window

03-15-2013, 05:31 PM
Guess I'll have to take it in, as soon as I can completely reproduce the problem.

Driver's window makes a sound, as though it's rubbing against something, when it's being rolled down. This has only happened twice. And the two times were after the vehicle had been parked outside in store parking lots, in the sun.

I believe both times I had the sunroof vented.

I'm guessing it's just heat expansion of something, probably not a big deal. But will require the vehicle to be left all day at dealership in order for them to reproduce.

As I bought in December, there wasn't much "warm weather" to test this out on. Funny that my previous car was also bought in December and also ended up with a back noisy window. I didn't even KNOW the back window was squeaky for 6 months, because there was no reason to USE the back window.

I will probably wait until the weather is a bit warmer, so that it will be easy to reproduce at the dealership. The weather is much warmer in Berkeley or Burlingame than it is where I am, so I hope it will be easy to find.

As the vehicle is fairly light, the Verde Chiaro color, it's not just the car color heating up the door and window parts. It's probably just my car, but something folks may want to listen for in their own cars, just in case. It might not become audible until summer in some locations across the US and Canada, it's not hot enough.

It's only ONE window, the driver's side. Just like in the Fit, it was only ONE window (out of four). Squeaky-rubby.