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12-02-2012, 09:24 AM
After viewing a few DIY rear seat delete photos over at the other fiat 500 forum, I decided to tackle this. Well, the first obstacle was a big one - I couldn't get the seats out! Not even my impact driver could loosen the bolts. Thanfully, when I talked to Pat about it at my dealer (bloomington, MN fiat) he offered to remove them free of charge (I work near the dealer too, so it was easy to drop by at lunch) That was done on Friday.

I got to work on this little project yesterday afternoon. My only regret? Not buying a larger piece of single carpet. I used a bunch of large velcro strips to attach 2 pieces of carpet and it still looks very good to me, about 90% of perfect (I don't do much DIY stuff, but think it turned out good!). So what would have been the ideal size carpet to use? 5'x5' would give you enough to cover the entire back with enough overlap to easily attach to the backside of the platform. All in all, it cost me $68 (2/3 of which were random tools and not materials).

Materials used: 2 2x4 1/4 inch particle boards cost $5 (one would have been enough...but I did screw up cutting the first one).
2 pieces of cheap $5 carpet (with rubber backing) which were 3 feet by 4 feet - as stated above, a single 5x5 foot carpet would be ideal.
1 box of 2 feetx 1.5 inch velcro ($3).
6x4 feet of carpet padding (got a remnant for $3)
1/4" and 9/16" staples for a staple gun (no nails/screws used, just a multitude of these babies)
1x2 48 inch piece of pine (would suggest using a 2x2 to create a true lip)

I found the 48" wide particle board was pretty much the right starting width. Instead of cutting a full template out, I just took a paper grocery bag, cut out one side plus the bottom of it (a piece of cardboard about 20 inches long would be fine too), got in the back of the car and cut out a template. Since the curve is the same on both sides, and the 48" board is as wide as the seating area at its widest, I just cut both sides using the template. (note, this was where I screwed up - I wasn't paying attention and made the 2nd cut the opposite direction and completely ruined the first board!). I didn't think to take any photos yet, but you can see the end result in the first photo anyway.

2nd step was I made a lip using a 1x2 piece of pine along the longer edge - this also didn't work out as planned as the carpet was too dense to wrap around. If you did want to wrap the carpet around this to create a true lip, I would suggest a 2x2 piece of pine or other wood. After stapling the pine piece onto the first board using the 9/16" staples, I cut out the carpet pad and wrapped the board, stapling (with the shorter 1/4" staples) along the edges as I wrapped it to keep it tight. Here is the result at this point:



I then took the remaining 8 inch piece of plywood, and using a couple of clamps to hold it, stapled this to the front side of the pine piece using the longer staples (used a hammer to put the staples flush with the wood). The 8 inch piece of plywood is also just about the perfect length, it sits on the middle of the back seat floor on the riser between the seats, and also catches at the edges. Note, I did trim the edges of this smaller board, cutting at a straight angle down from the edge on the top to about 3/4 of an inch at the bottom in order to accommodate the curve of the side walls of the back seat (can't really tell due to the angle of the below photo, but it was cut!).



Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the carpet wrapping process too! I did this on the floor of my garage. Laid the carpet out and put the platform on top of it. due to using carpet that was too small, I cut out a portion from the second carpet I had purchased, and used the heavy velcro to attach the two piece together. Having the carpet laid out I then put the platform on top of it. I then wrapped the carpet up over the front edge, using the longer staples generously to staple it. I used a box cutter to cut where appropriate in order to wrap the carpet around the back, again using the longer staples generously as I went to secure the carpet to the backside (note this was a fairly thin carpet and I had no issues with the staples coming through on the other side). I decided to not trim the carpet at the point where it fit in the car at the existing edge, but to overlap the remaining length onto the existing back carpet. Basically, at the point where my insert ended I then cut the carpet straight back (and later trimmed once placed in the vehicle). I then used the velcro again to secure the overlapping carpet to the existing carpet interior.

Here is the final result! I don't do this kind of diy stuff that much, so I'm pretty happy with the end result aside from having to double the carpet lining. It sits firmly and secure, and to boot it is actually quieter then the seats. If anyone wants to see a photo of anything else in particular let me know and I'll see if I can oblige.



12-02-2012, 09:30 AM
Looks great. Thank you for sharing.