View Full Version : Flowmaster DBX series

Poncho Moran
10-23-2012, 07:25 PM
Has anybody tried the Flowmaster dBX Series Hushpower Muffler?

I am looking into a non-expensive way to add some nice sound to the exhaust system, not too interested in adding power here. I will add the RRM short ram and eventually, the timing controller; that should be enough for me into adding power to my pop, so this exhaust upgrade is purely for sound. Do you think I can just buy it and have a muffler shop install it, and that should be enough?

It's 149 plus tax here

I guess I could also add a nice exhaust tip for good looks.

I am not experienced at all, and I'm learning all this stuff, and to be honest, I'm loving it. But I need some tips from all you experts.