View Full Version : Loose Intercooler Bracket (Passenger Side)

Rick Hunter
10-21-2012, 03:09 AM
Just posting for documentation purposes... perhaps it might help someone out.

Recently I've been hearing a kind of ringing noise originating forward of the driving compartment. It happened while in motion, and would ring louder under hard acceleration. Searched the forums to no avail. I checked under the hood for anything "obvious" like loose wires, hoses, etc. Nothing.

Fast forward to today. Was tinkering with the wheel well area (don't ask why) and pulled out the access panel that allows you to swap light bulbs. Found out that my intercooler was all but separated from the rubber mount + bracket holding it to the chassis. WTH? After about an hour of trying to figure out how to access the 10mm bolt (which is next to the DRL and above the intercooler - had to take apart the entire plastic wheel well) I was able to tighten the bracket down and then re-secured the mount over the intercooler. Took it out for a spin around the block... NO MORE RINGING!

Dunno how the bolt could have loosened so much in a short amount of time. Perhaps someone wasn't paying attention on the assembly line... ? Anyway, I'm glad to have figured it out since I don't think my stealership would be as keen to notice any faint ringing noises from my car.


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