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08-04-2012, 08:59 AM
I see some others complaining about their dealers and others praising theirs...

figure I would mention mine... Got the first FIAT last August and had a GREAT time buying it.. I could not have had a better group of people.. yes some of them come and go (the fiat guys were going thru their growing pains) but the service writer we had for any service work was great... but he's no longer doing that... he's now a Fiat salesman! the company has been around for almost a century and is run like the family business that it is. I've met neighbors who have been buying cars and trucks from them for over 15 years even longer! And now picking up the car that I won.. the funny part was Kev asked so do I have to show you anything?? (actually he did... this one had Auto Temp vs the pop that had the dials)

just want to say that if you are out here in Suffolk or anywhere on the island.. give Brown's a try.. we have two Fiat dealers on LI (not counting the City or Westchester) one in Westbury, called Fiat of Westbury (in Nassau), and Brown's out here .. actually both have service open till Midnight (another reason we bought the car)

oh even their parts manager bought a Fiat!!! and they are training more and more of their techs on Fiat.. and also the body shops for each dealer went for training also!!! (nobody who sees my car belives it was tboned by an explorer!)

had wanted to say some good things!! oh I finally have an issue with the Fiat Pop!! my armrest broke!! (the top came off) evidently its happening.. since what they have to order is an entire Seat Back Frame... all under warrenty after one year... thats the biggest issue???? not bad

08-04-2012, 12:00 PM
Thats where I got mine..zero issues...Kevin in sales is a genuine enthusiast as well as most of the techs.

08-04-2012, 04:07 PM
Thx for sharing I got my 500C from Fiat of Scottsdale........ and they where great......... From the beginning 2 the End........... Keep the good and bad Dealers coming so we can shop at the right Dealer