View Full Version : Orderng an Abarth

07-02-2012, 12:36 PM
Ever since I took delivery of my Prima last year, my intent was to upgrade to the Abarth when available and ultimately to an Alfa when they finally arrive. The Prima has been a great car, no problems, so I really don't exactly need a new Abarth - I did pre order one back in February and put a down payment down - hadn't heard anything from the dealer so went in (it is a long trek from my home) and lo and behold, there is my car on the floor with a $6,000 stupid sticker on it - clearly, more money to be made by offering up to someone who would pay that kind of money - cancelled my order (refund to come) - reminds me of the PT Cruiser days when they were going for silly prices, only to collapse - disappointed, will probably get a Subaru BRZ instead