View Full Version : Aftermarket SAT Radio Install

06-14-2012, 10:38 AM
Since my wife's car did not come with SAT radio (500C pop) I decided to install an aftermarket SAT radio box that I had laying around (with a subscription on it!). Overall its not too hard, the hardest part was finding how to power the SAT radio box which I ended up going the easy way out and tapping the fuse box (ghetto style), but in my argument I did not have to splice any of the factory harnesses and it only took 4 minutes. I decided to input the SAT radio signal by utilizing the 1/8 AUX input for better sound quality (other choice was to use the inline FM antenna adapter). I drilled a small hole in the glove box and routed the AUX input wire into the glove box, when I was in there I also routed another 1/8 cable to come out from under the cup holder for iPod/MP3 use so no wires are hanging out of the glove box. If you want to switch between iPod and SAT radio all you have to do is open the glove box and switch the two 1/8 cables.

Anyways here are the basics.

10A on the left is always on and the 5A on the right is keyed


I then ran the wires from the fuse box over to the passenger foot well area, you can remove the plastic panel on the passenger side with a Torx wrench, also remove the panel under the glove box, there are two plastic clips that you must pry the center out of. There is tons of room under the glove box to put the XM box.


Good place to mount your receiver without looking too out of place


Mounted the XM antenna here for now, it seems to work well. Start by slipping the wire around the plastic trim on the passenger side then slide it around the front edge of the dash and route all wires behind the plastic.