View Full Version : Wolo BadBoy airhorn installed

03-25-2012, 07:33 PM
My final upgrade for my 500 was completed today, I installed the Wolo BadBoy airhorn. Because I have already removed the air intake stuff under the hood, theres lots of room up front to mount it, and that way I didnt have to bother taking the stock horn off. I installed the horn just to the left of center, where there is already a hole for the bolt. I routed the wire across the front and down to the wheel well following the existing electricals (I wrapped the wire in that black plastic heat resistant tube stuff just to keep it looking nice). Then I just ground down a few male wire connectors so they could be inserted directly into the existing horn harness (about 1.5mm wide). This let me not have to cut any existing harness wires, and going back to the stock horn could be done in 3 minutes.

Now Ive got the sound I want. I always thought the horn on the 500 felt like it was on the wrong car...it wasn't a small car horn, and it sure didn't sound Italian.