View Full Version : Coolest ABARTH marketing idea FIAT should be using!

12-14-2011, 11:21 PM

I lived in the desert (Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona) for nearly two years. During that time I learned, and seen in action, some pretty cool scorpion facts. In the dark of night, how one avoids (or finds, depending on what your wanting to accomplish) scorpions is by shining a black/purple light at the ground. They glow so bright they cannot be missed. Its really cool. Maybe you know what I'm getting at...

That said, my thought is that FIAT should make all the ABRATH badges/logos inside and out on this car glow like a real scorpion when a black/purple light is projected on to it. It would certainly be a unique feature that no other car has and cool marketing gimmick. I'm sure FIAT will never do it so its probably something 500Madness or other similar company could have designed and sell as an aftermarket replacement for the OEM badges. I know I should probably be doing these on my own but it will never happen so the idea is now out there for someone to profit form...Maybe even a glow in the dark scorpion water mark on a panel could be cool.

Here's what one looks like under the black light. Any cheap $5 purple LED flashlight works.

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