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07-20-2011, 11:25 PM
Potential great News. Thanks to the delay in getting my new Cabrio Pop, I was talking to my dealer (http://www.fiatusaofbrooklyncenter.com/index.htm)today and we drifted into the subject of leather seats. Currently, Fiat only supports cloth seats for the Pop but my dealer - Doreen (http://www.fiatusaofbrooklyncenter.com/index.htm) mentioned she can redo my front seats, back seats, arm rest and side panels in custom leather. Cost? About $1100. Sounds like they can make the change in about 3 days. So will keep you updated on what I find out.

Here's the car I have on order

Here's the cloth interior I'd unhappily settled on

Here's the Lounge seats I asked my dealer to see if they could match. She's optimistic.
And NOTE - this is 3rd party leather and not the Fiat brand seats in the Lounge

But, really my first Fiat is just a 'place holder' for the car I really want to own.

With seats like these - at least a might be getting seats that are similar.


07-21-2011, 05:12 AM
But, really my first Fiat is just a 'place holder' for the car I really want to own.

so how do you drive it? there's no STEERING WHEEL??? :p

back on topic, did your dealer mention anything about Katskin? Chrysler's had a deal with them for some time to offer leather seating for their vehicles. its pretty awesome looking too, with lots of color choices and designs. you can even get logos and such embroidered on the seat back, like the Lounge seats. pretty cool! :cool:

good luck with that and pls.....POST SOME PICS when you get it! :)

07-21-2011, 11:38 AM
Hi F500. You were right. Katzkin leather is the supplier. Also she says my car cleared QC and should arrive Aug 8. So, I count 13 weeks from May 21 order day to Aug 8. Was it worth it? Assuming all is well with car, would do it again in a heartbeat. Frankly, may be thankful for the delay if the new seats work out. Expect my dealer had not set up leather seat replacement option back in May.


07-21-2011, 03:25 PM
Sounds great looking forward to seeing pics!

07-24-2011, 07:16 PM
The replacement seats are not very good, IMHO. Dealer sent pictures of some brown seats in a car on the lot. To me they look puffy, poorly stitched and 'home-made' vs the classy looking fiat Lounge seats. What do you folks think?

Here's the replacement seats.




Here's the seats that I want in the car




07-25-2011, 12:52 AM
Somewhere else on these boards, i believe, someone was able to order a custom interior (fiat 500 interior...not aftermarket). I just can't search for it right now cuz i'm at work. It was an east coast dealer that somehow was able to make it happen. I think they got an Ivory interior in a Sport, which officially is NOT supposed to be able to be ordered! Lucky buyer...i am jealous!

In any case, I would absolutely NOT buy those chince leather seats. They are nothing like what you want.

Just buy it stock, and give the US a few months for other, nice looking alternatives for an interior.

my 2 cents...

07-25-2011, 12:57 AM
search for the thread "Unfortunately, it looks like I WILL NOT be choosing the Fiat 500! Can't believe Fiat " That was my thread, but of course I have now decided to buy an Abarth in the spring. That thread shows photos of a lucky guy who got the dealer to order a special Fiat 500 interior for him. The dealer is listed in the thread.


07-25-2011, 11:59 PM
Thanks. I followed the thread (http://www.fiat500usaforum.com/showthread.php?3539-Unfortunately-it-looks-like-I-WILL-NOT-be-choosing-the-Fiat-500!-Can-t-believe-Fiat) you mentioned. Also, went to the Fiat studio website and saw close ups of the custom leather seats. Unfortunately, they are a different colored version of the Katzkin seats mentioned above. I talked the the guy from 500 madness tonight and put up a new thread in his forum section. Will see if that leads to anything good. Keeping my fingers crossed. Am beginning to wonder if it is cheaper to buy a Lounge Cabrio and swap out the automatic for a manual transmission.


07-26-2011, 02:23 AM

OMG....i want this SOOOOOO MUCH!!!

07-26-2011, 07:37 AM
Is really fun to see it driven in this top gear episode. http://www.fiat500usaforum.com/showthread.php?3580-BBC-Top-Gear-Reviews-Fiat-500-Abarth-esseesse-Funny

07-26-2011, 08:33 AM
I know you wanted something that looks very close to OEM, but the other option is to check into what Clazzio can do for you with a custom order.


They do custom and OEM jobs for dealers, so if they can source the pattern they might be worth checking into. They generally have solid and perforated leather and suede available as well as PVC in different configurations in which case PVC might help keep the cost down if you are requesting a custom color/stitching.

Like I said, I am not sure if they can do the exact pattern but from the looks of their custom work it seems they do make the covers fit quite well. From what I understand there is no replacement of the upholstery either - the covers fit OVER the existing upholstery so not a lot of wait time and when you sell the car you can remove the covers and no "stock differences".

Just FYI