View Full Version : Internet Radio- iPhone - Any success with this? Blue and Me or USB cable/Audio Jack

07-14-2011, 01:13 AM
Googled and saw this link (http://www.fiatforum.com/blue-me/220122-internet-radio-via-usb-port.html) on another Fiat forum from UK. Look at the end and, in Nov 2010, Samzer remarks

"Dunno if it's too late to reply (just registered). Anyway, internet radio works via usb when using the iPhone and the Iphone/ipod adapter from FIAT. This I tested myself! "

Has anyone tried streaming internet radio thru the USA Fiat 500 - either via USB/Audio Jack or Blue and Me? If so, what was your experience? Did it work well/easily? Any tricks?

If you want to test your Fiat 500 using your iPhone, you should have an unlimited data plan since internet radio via cell phone uses a lot of bandwidth. Also, you'll need an iPhone Internet Radio app. Personally, I like the free or paid - TuneIN iphone app. Check Tunein Support (http://tunein.com/support/ios/)if you have issues.