View Full Version : FLAC files and Uconnect

01-31-2019, 10:46 PM
Hello all,

I'm a new forum member. Looking forward to participating in the Fiat world. I bought my 2016 500 Abarth automatic last October. It had only 980 mile when I bought it - still had the new car smell. I love my angry little jellybean. It's my daily driver and I look forward to my drive to work every morning. I have one complaint though; the Uconnect entertainment system. 2016 has the larger screen with more features. All my music is stored on a Fiio player in lossless flac format and I hoped to connect via usb and play my collection, but, it seems to recognize mp3 only. I can play my music through aux, but that's a poor solution.

Do others have the same complaint? I'm not going to convert all my high res music to mp3. If there's no way of playing flac I will probably have to change the stereo head unit. Any advice on installing and integrating an aftermarket unit?

Advice and comments appreciated.

James aka hermiabarth