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03-14-2011, 05:47 PM
Well this is what I know at this point. There are 4 Colorado Primas. 1 Red 332 Mine, 217 Grigio (a good friend) and 2 whites. (saw them in rail-yard today) I've been working with my Fiat Brand Manager for the Denver Area. Fiat hired these folks to oversee the regions and help out with issues with dealers etc. and to manage the dealers. Ask your dealer for this brand manager's name if you are having problem seeing results.....hint.. hint

Seeing as Colorado won't have any dealers until 2012 she is our contact person. The Autonation dealer here in town, Fiat of Westminster, doesn't even have an opening date listed as of yet (3 miles from my house). However, Fiat has granted them permission to deliver the car through their Chrysler Jeep Dealer in Golden CO. The paperwork is going to go through another Autonation dealer in California called Power Fiat in South Bay which doesn't even show up on their dealer list. They are running the Fiat Stuff through the Power Nissan store next door. My call to them yielded and answer that they don't know anything about doing our paperwork for the Colorado Cars! She said the cars "haven't even shipped yet." I let her know my Fiat rep called me and said she affixed the Monroney sticker to all 4 cars last week and I have pictures of the 2 white cars! She said, "Oh." I said "Oh."

Whose running the show here boys and girls??? Has anybody heard of this dealer in South Bay?

Guido Sarduchi!

03-14-2011, 05:53 PM
However, Fiat has granted them permission to deliver the car through their Chrysler Jeep Dealer in Golden CO.

Dang...the Albuquerque Fiat Dealership is opening in Early Fall...And they have a current Chrysler dealership open and selling cars...but they couldn't take my car???? 2.5 miles from my house vs 700 miles to Austin.

Grrr....oh well...Denver would be closer at 400 miles than the 700 to Austin...but more snow to drive the car through to get it home.

Still patiently waiting to...well to find out anything :)

Also still planning to get my Prima, but boy is Fiat testing me...it is almost as if Fiat is whispering, "Psss, now throw this at Gavin and see if he cancels....No? Ok, well try this next...hehehe..."

Still smiling...but it feels like a slightly forced smile at the moment.... :)


03-14-2011, 06:06 PM

The stipulation is that the delivering dealer must do the IPO (initial parts order)and have a trained technician and trained salesman on staff. I heard this IPO and IEO of equipment was about 250K. This is why your dealer might have passed.. The margins on the 500 are lean and it would take a lot of Primas to pay for that! Autonation has deeper pockets than most dealers IMO.P