View Full Version : Engine failure out of warranty at 27K miles

12-18-2018, 03:02 PM
Hi I have a 2014 500L. Iíve done all recommended maintenance on time including oil changes etc. my 4 year warranty expired in july 2018. Back in May, I had a check engine code and had spark plug #3 replaced by the dealer. A few weeks ago I had a blinking check engine light - ran the code myself and it said it was the same spark plug #3. But I was having other weird transmission issues. Dealer now says it needs a new engine ó $9000. I am out of warranty by just 5 months. Fiat agrees to cover 60%. The car is only worth like $8000. How can I get them to cover more ó I know that some car manufacturers will cover repairs through good will if just out of warranty. Please help thank you.