View Full Version : Please help!! Problems week after forge bov

07-08-2018, 01:10 AM
So I recently just installed a forge bov kit(atmospheric), did everything as instructed. So everything was working great loved the sound, so I sold my diverter valve and gfb dv+, same day I shipped it something happened. I was driving the car everything was good (91 degrees outside) I parked the car left it running outside while I went in side to for almost 15 min. Came back out went to leave and realized my car is not Boosting pass 6psi... so parked it. Drove it next 2 days same thing but had to get to work so drove it lightly. Then I noticed it sounds like the forge bov is not closing and all the boosted air is just dumping out or I popped off a intercooler hose( i have a fmic) so last couple days I pulled the bumper off checked all the hoses, re tightened them all everything looks good. Drove it around the block still underload hear air dumping and not even holding like 3psi. So went and checked all vacuum lines even replaced all lines with silicone vacuum hoses did boost leak mod I seen online while I was changing hoses yo reduce factory lines. Went to drive still just dumping air when I go to give it throttle, so then i took off the forge bov inspected it old put the blue spring in. Started car looked at forge bov open at idle pulled vacuum hose off forge solenoid and forge bov snapped shut, put vacuum hose back on and forge bov opened again. Seems like forge solenoid stil working and the bov is functional. Is there a way to test forge bov solenoid? So now I'm stuck and the only thing I can think now is the waste gate solenoid maybe went out. So I took the vacuum line off the wastegate solenoid goin to wastegate itself and pump about 5 psi through line and the wastegate arm moved freely so I'm sure the wastegate is ok. I did get a code p2261