View Full Version : Air on full blast, won't turn off

06-03-2018, 12:13 AM
My air is on full blast and will not turn off! When I press the power button, the lights go out on the air control panel, but the air does not turn off...
If I just try to turn the air down, the lights indicate it is going down, but doesn't. If I take it off a/c, it just starts blowing full blast, but not as cold.
Having 1 too many issues with this car lately!
Any help or ideas is appreciated!

06-03-2018, 09:35 AM
Your control panel could be going out. Try disconnecting power from the battery and do a hard reset (let the car sit for several hours). Reconnect power and then recheck. Sometimes some of the electronic components need a reboot. If it continues, you may have a bad ac control head or an issue with the BCM.