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Robert Zecca
05-18-2018, 01:57 PM
Every week on social media I read about people between the US and the UK who rave about their ECU tune downloads and some who complain about them regarding various problems. I also see a ton of HP claims that vary from tuner to tuner....some I find hard to believe. Personally I am not a believer in tunes. As a matter of fact we use a Seletron Chipbox in our black track car and it is incredible.

The other thing I can swear to is EVERY SINGLE customer who installed a Seletron Chipbox in the 500 or 124 swears by it. NO negative comments or issues regarding reliability only happy customers. The Chipbox increases the horsepower in your 500 by 25 hp and 124 by 27 hp. No crazy claims.....no engine lights....no inspection or dealer issues.....just a product that is reliable and works. 3 year warranty and TUV approved.

Watch this video of our track Abarth. It uses the Chipbox.....just listen and watch and I hope you will become a believer in the Chipbox. For any questions call me......$499.95 shipped......Cheaper too!!!!!!


This car has a special air filter, exhaust system, special catless downpipe and 4c coils........just listen and watch. Pure linear flawless power by Chipbox! Utilizes the same connectors and wiring so that you will not realize that the unit is installed. A very clean and tidy install.

You can reach me at 973-361-0508

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