View Full Version : Eurcompulsion Intercooler install on a Fiat Abarth 124 Spider

Robert Zecca
05-14-2018, 09:05 PM
Tonight we are installing a Eurocompulsion Intercooler on a Fiat Abarth 124 Spider. Take a look at the difference between the stock intercooler and aftermarket intercooler.
Stock: 20" long x 7.5" high x 2.5" wide
Eurocompulsion: 22" long x 8" high x 3.5" wide
Tomorrow we will update the performance.

Overall it is a very clean install. We love the EC intakes and intercoolers for both 500 and 124. We have installed many and they are of very high quality. On top of that they are a great company to deal with!

On Friday night I got to drive a stock 124 Spider and tonight the Abarth version. To be honest with you I was not impressed by either compared to a Abarth 500. The car feels vague and not like an Italian car. Customers love them and people say they need some upgrades to improve their performance. The build quality is great inside and out. The car is a work of art underneath. Brembo brakes and Bilsteins on the Abarth version. You cannot beat that!! I really would like to build one that will really impress me. I spoke to Brett Melancon and he LOVES his! What are your thoughts?


Robert Zecca
05-15-2018, 10:29 AM
The install took about 4 hours and overall it was a clean install. The customer had previously installed a EC intake, 4C coils and EC stage 2 tune. He felt like he was not getting the full potential of the tune.

I drove the car before the install of the Intercooler and honestly not so impressed by the performance. I drove the car after the install and you could feel a difference. The power on on a 124 is linear.....very smooth and I was impressed with the overall result. Unlike our 500 where the tires literally squeal on shifts of 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears the 124 is more tame but smooth. Our shop in located in Dover NJ and the customer brought his car up from the Philly area which is 2.5 hours away. He was extremely happy with the result.