View Full Version : Why TUV approved?

Robert Zecca
05-13-2018, 01:17 PM
Your car comes with a factory warranty. Many of the performance accessories for you car come from small companies and their products are not tested. Depends on the product but this could lead to a safety issue.

Seletron makes performance products for your car and in our opinion they make the best, most dependable products for increases in performance for your car. We travel to Italy every single year, meet with the manufacturers and know that they are legit. If not we would not offer them to you. We have been importing Italian products since 1987 bringing you some of the best and most reliable products. We started back in 1983 so that is a pretty good track record.

Seletron is TUV approved. This is not so easy for any company to achieve. When thinking about purchasing your next performance product think about this. Seletron comes with a 3 year warranty and TUV approved.

Please read the following about TUV Austria.

# TUVCertification according to international standards
The intrinsic quality can not be "inspected" but can be largely guaranteed through controlled quality assurance processes. The certification and certification of the manufacturer carried out through certification bodies that have highly specialized knowledge and are absolutely independent constantly increase in importance and currently represent the most important proof of competence on the market.
Seletron products are made according to strict standards to ensure a high degree of reliability and safety.
In fact, they boast the certification issued by TUV Austria, an international certification body synonymous with guarantees regarding the quality of technologies in the automotive sector.
The TÜV AUSTRIA certifications are internationally recognized and in many sectors presently represent the fundamental prerequisite for entry into the market, constituting an overwhelming advantage over the competition, entering the market stronger, with the objective confirmation that Seletron meets the highest quality standards. high.