View Full Version : Burning smell & smoke from transmission

03-29-2018, 05:47 PM
I know we have discussed this before but I'm wondering if anyone has any new solutions to the old issue of transmission overheating causing smoke under the hood and inside the car, as well as the horrendous smell of something burning. We do know there is an issue with the 500 L dual dry clutch transmission. Some suggest that in stop-and-go traffic you always shift to neutral when running the car in automatic. The reason most people buy Auto cars that live in high traffic areas is because they don't want to constantly shift into neutral so again any other solutions that anyone has found for this known issue and problem? I've already had the transmission replaced twice which means I've had three transmissions in my car so that doesn't fix it. Again the problem was just built into the transmission that they put in these cars. I'm looking for a work around that doesn't involve shifting into neutral every 10 seconds when you're in New York City traffic. Thanks

07-30-2018, 07:43 PM
I have a similar issue with mine, when braking, specially off the freeway, right when I stop there is smoke coming from the hood next to the windshield, it is not the brakes but the burnt smell is that of brake fluid. I wonder if there is a brake fluid leak that leaks into the clutch or exhaust pipe? And I'm not talking about driving on the off ramp at 120mph, just the regular 70 mph slowing down to the end of the off ramp. My 500L is a manual transmission and I suspected the clutch but the smell and smoke appears even if I coast on neutral and use only the brakes to slow down the car.