View Full Version : Vintage Fiat 124 Spider Labor Rates

Robert Zecca
02-15-2018, 07:02 PM
DI Corse has over 40 years experience working on all kinds of Fiats including 124, 128, 131, X1/9, Lancias and others.

The Fiat 124 and 131 have a DOHC engine.

We can offer you the following Labor rates on maintenance jobs that are common on these cars.

Timing belt, new idler bearing, water pump, anti freeze as needed, oil change and filter $499.95 parts and labor.

Valve Adjustments $399.95 parts and labor

We are able to do Engine, Transmission, Clutch, Exhaust, Brakes and Suspension work. Please call for your needs for a price quote. We are very reasonable but bring years of experience to the table specializing in Fiat and Lancias.

Please call Bob Zecca or Marc Matzer at 973-361-0508 with any questions that you may have.