View Full Version : Put your Fiat 500 on a diet!!

Robert Zecca
02-15-2018, 01:46 PM
When we built our racecar and scaled the car we noticed the car is 65% front to 35% rear weight distribution. The heaviest part of the car is the left front. This makes sense because this is where your ECU and battery are located. The stock battery weighs 36 lbs.!!!! We offer the Braille B2015 battery which is a 15lb. replacement with a weight reduction of 21 lbs.!! This is huge.Do you autocross your car or take it on track? This will make a handling difference. Retails for $209.95. Here are the details. Call me if you want one. 973-361-0508
Weight15lbs / 6.8kg
Length6.8" / 173mm
Width3.4" / 86mm
Height6.1" / 155mm
Ah 21
Right Side Positive
MSRP $209.99