View Full Version : Heat vent, again, 3rd time

Pionieri Tridentina
12-30-2017, 08:42 PM
And again, exactly one year after fixing it, I have again heat vent issues, and of course when the weather is supposed to in the low 20ís for a few days.

Again , like the last time, on the right sight, the air started to blow cold and weak, now it s just cold and yiu can barely feel it. ( no matter if sync is on or off ) and raising the right side temp did not helped at all.
Iím very frustrated, now it s the 3rd time I have this issue, Iím a Fiat lover, with my days in Italy this is the 6th Fiat, but it gets more difficult to love that car. Of course, today is the 30 Dec, so I need to wait 3days before I can talk to the Studio.

happy 2018 to everyone, and enjoy a warm car.