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08-03-2017, 08:08 AM
HUGE thank you to NGEN Customs & Performance for sending me the Helix replacement bumper lights. Since my car is giallo and has the chrome lights I decided to keep the theme going and clean up the look of the car, so I went with the clear set front & rear. B)

Install: 1) Remove the three screws at each fender liner closest to the location of the bumper lights. The rear fender liner screws are difficult or nearly impossible to unscrew with a regular philips screw driver. I used a mini right-angle screw driver here. 2) Pry the fender liner away from the bumper light gently, just enough to get your hand in there. 3) Twist (righty-tighty and lefty-loosey rules apply here) the bulb socket & harness off the lense assembly and let it drop carefully, not to bang or get caught anywhere you cannot reach. 4) Loosen the two 10mm self-threading lock nuts using a short 10mm box wrench and/or 10mm socket with your two fingers twisting it. 5) There is one locking tab centrally located on each of the front and rear bumper lights. Gently squeeze it and pull the lense assembly out. It should come out with ease. 6) Install is the same as all previous points, but in reverse.

Outcome: The quality of the Helix bumper lights is very good, as good as OEM. They greatly improve the look of your car. Keep in mind, since I went with the clear lenses I also purchased some canbus 168/194 bulbs from another vender, amber LED for the front bumper lights and red LED for the rear lights. The install looks great. See the pictures for reference!

Big thanks to NGEN Customs & Performance! These were my first mod for my car, and it was a flawless transaction and a big help with purchasing (It was a little complicated for me to order). Totally recommended


08-03-2017, 08:17 AM
This is what I puchased: http://shop.ngencustomsandperformance.com/Helix-Abarth-500T-Replacement-Bumper-Lights-Clear-HLXABARTH-CLEAR.htm

Black tinted ones are also available: http://shop.ngencustomsandperformance.com/Helix-Abarth-500T-Replacement-Bumper-Lights-Smoke-HLXABARTH-SMOKE.htm

08-03-2017, 01:20 PM
Look nice and the clear does work for the lighter yellow. Smoked would look nice on my Grigio I think.